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>> restart breaking news from northwest washington where kwame brown has been sentenced to one day in jail. >> this is the first of the two hearings for kwame brown. john gonzalez during those from out of the courthouse. >> cynné and steve, won a court
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house down, one to go for kwame brown. he has been sentenced moments ago. he was sentenced to one day in jail followed by six months home detention with an ankle bracelet followed by supervised probation for two years. the sentencing will begin as soon as he is sentenced at a d.c. superior court later this afternoon. this for a campaign finance charge. the judge made it clear that kwame brown will remain in custody of united states marshals today and will not be released before the sentencing. brown did break down as saying he is truly sorry for his or contact. and words cannot express thewhat he is feeling. when he spoke of his children, that is when he began to cry. of course, kwame is being said today on a federal bank charge.
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back in june, he amended that he lied and forged signatures to get a personal loan. he then stepped down as the chairman. these loans were more than $160,000. and another loan, a separate loan for a vote. the prosecutor who was asking for six days in prison so that everyone even someone as powerful as this man as the chairman of the council needs to follow the law or be prepared to do jail time. kwame brown sentenced in federal court moments ago. he will do one day and joe. reporting live, john dunszgonzalez abc 7 news. >> the scandal involving david petraeus has now spread to engulf the man that replaced him. >> john allen's appointment is
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now on hold. and now how allen has become involved. >> the woman said to be at the center of all of this, now reporting to abc news the fbi agent as saying -- apparently sent a topless a photo of himself. the nomination to become the commander of nato forces in europe is on hold for general john allen. is being investigated as part of the ongoing david petraeus sex scandal. >> the president has agreed. to put his nomination on hold until the facts determined. >> the fbi has uncovered the alleged inappropriate communication between allen and jill. the florida woman who says she of harassing e-mails.
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overnight, fbi agents searched her home taking other boxes and a computer. there are concerns that she could ever receive the classified information. >> i do not believe based on my discussions that there was any crossover between his personal life that he was having with paula and his duties that he was carrying on as the director of the cia. she is in hiding. her father tells the new york daily news that this is about something else entirely. and the truth will come out. what also is expected to come out is a time line on the investigation. lawmakers want to know why there were not told about the probe months ago. >> we need to make sure that military secrets, the cia was protected. but many to understand the human dimension. >> allen is expected to continue his job in afghanistan. and has denied any wrongdoing.
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brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> opening statements under way for a former student accused of killing her roommate. alexis simpson allegedly killed her roommate in their dorm room last year. overexcite being played on her ipod. her attorney argues it was self- defense. this afternoon we will find out how many schools are on the chopping block. there unveiling the list later today, calling it ana necessary cut. the will of the full list of how parents will be able to weigh in tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. >> plans to turn an organic farm into soccer fields has spawned another lawsuit. the latest legal challenge from county executive ike legget -- the farm leases the land to the
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school board. is able to stay open while they move through the legal system. >> today congress back in washington for the lame-duck session. the new congress elect is in town for the beginning of orientation sessions. the focus for the current congress is fiscal uncertainty. other big issues are avoiding the the defense cuts set to be triggered at the beginning of the year and extending the farm bill. first of the agenda and the senate, a closed door hearing on the attack that killed chris stevens. lawmakers want to know more about what led to the september 11 attack on the united states consulate in libya and what the obama administration in new and when. three other americans also died in that attack. blacks after a dreary start the day, we are starting to see some light. far from warm outside. jacqui jeras here with a first look at our forecast. >> it looks good but it feels called.
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that as a point to be the store the next couple of days. we had quite a bit of rain and now we have some breaks in the cloudiness. you can see some clouds over looking arlington at this hour. we should seek more sunshine later this hour. a few showers still lingering down there in calvert county as well as along the delmarva. about a half of an inch at reagan national and an inch and three-quarters in culpeper. the cold front affecting all of the eastern seaboard. quite a few airport delays, philadelphia, longoria and jfk. partly cloudy skies and 48 by 3:46. morris sunshine. from the belfort furniture weather center, was head back to news. >> and the much anticipated i- 495 express plans, the fortune mile project from springfield to
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mclean has been heralded as a key project in the fight against gridlock jummy olabanji is in tysons were a celebration of sorts is under way. >> well, what is a celebration out here about i-495 express lanes, a lot of people excited for these. and a lot of those folks are very excited about the opening of these express lanes. inside are several local and state officials includingsed the crowd. behind us you see the extension for the silver line to metro. this is also part of this camera of gridlock process around the state, especially in northern virginia. this saturday is when the lanes will officially open up as mentioned. four new lands, 14 miles on the vault with from springfield to tyson's corner. the lens will allow the beltway to offer hov connections for the first time. when it is done, buses and car pools will ride these for free.
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and other -- in any cars with one or two passengers can pay to take them. we spoke to virginia transportation secretary and he says people will get used to paying the additional my. is says is a small amount to pay to get out of gridlock. >> people do not think about the fact of how much money they are losing sitting in those lanes now. what it takes an extra 20, 30 minutes to go from one side of the beltway to the other. this is up with want to provide them the opportunity to say, for a couple extra hours i can get home 30 minutes sooner. can i get to that day care center. can i make that delivery sooner? >> officials here hope this is project. they are already looking at extending this down 95 toward the dale city. . kenne there's a lot of information
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including how much this is went across and were you can enter of the express lanes and were you can get off as well. the will of all of that information online just go to reporting live, jummy olabanji come abc 7 news. >> thank you. new at noon, aaa has released its annual thanksgiving holiday travel forecast. 44 million americans will journey 50 miles or more to go home during thanksgiving. that is a 0.7 increase from last year. 90% of americans expected to travel by car. about 7% expected to travel by air. >> factors that are behind these numbers relate primarily to the all know the economy is still sluggish. but there is improvement. >> aaa estimates that gas prices will be about the same as last year. hotel prices will be similar to 2007. the busiest travel day will be
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wednesday, coming home will be sunday and monday. united states airways holiday travel schedule courtesy of their flight attendants. this ahead of a strike vote, and next wednesday at of the holiday rosh. employees are angry at contract regulations. >> prepared by years of the red line crash. red line could soon be automated again. their report in the automatic train operation will resume on the red line december 1. that is supposedide a smoother ride, but crash avoidance system failed and that 2009 fort totten crash that killed nine people. >> coming up abc 7 news at noon, and new discovery could help shed light on why some you will get parkinson's and others to not. and it could include head injuries. >> and a man set up an automated way to deliver a message from even from beyond the grave. >> and the decision is made on
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the fishing pier which for can sandy left in ruins. crocs at grey is slowly burning away. jacqui jeras has the
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>> and prince william county, a surprising turn of events in the damascus court room. the east coast rapist is back out of the plea deal. we have the latest. >> a very surprising turn of events here the prince william county courthouse in manassas as errant, as the man known as the east coast rapist backed out of a plea deal. he was expected to plead guilty to two cases of rape. from an incident on halloween
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of 2009 in dale city. but when he was asked how he pleaded, he said i do not know which way is right or not. i am not sure i know what i am doing. after that was dismissed, the reconvened to discuss a future court date. he has a plea hearing set for november 30 and loudoun county for a separate rate. --for a separate rape. his next court date hearing is in prince william county on january 14. after what happened here this morning it is impossible to know what is going to happen later this month. thomas's next court date set for january 13. in manassas, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> 12:15. a sign of progress in the aftermath of hurricane sandy they added the gas rationing. hard to forget these photos of
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lines spanning four blocks. rationing will continue though in new york city and on long island. new york city council will meet today or they are expected to approve a half million dollar emergency plan. >> the cure that was ravaged by hurricane sandy will be rebuilt. -- de pier. the pier was badly damaged weeks ago during hurricane sandy. >> there's some good news there. still, folks in new jersey and new york do not have the power weeks after the storm. court's and it is going to be very cold there, here as well. there is the potential for another coastal storm. is still too early to say exactly what will happen without one. but we will be watching for
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sunday and monday. let us show you what has happened. you are seeing out there? mixed in with the rain. a couple of sleet palates. you can see a nice clearing on our time-lapse on our roof camera here in arlington overlooking the seven corners area. our time-lapse also showing you from our fairfax county camera. the rain is coming down. had about 1 inch of rain in fairfax. most of the rain is pulling out now. that is good news. a couple light showers down in calvert county. here is the cold front as a whole come impacting everybody. and if you are traveling up and down the eastern seaboard, some delays to report. and what a punch this thing has. but the difference in temperatures. your d.c. mayor 20 degrees colder at the noon hour than we
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were yesterday. -- here in d.c. we are 20 degrees colder at the noon hour than we were yesterday. dallas 46, 43, a gaithersburg. a couple lingering 30's. this shows you the skies clearing out. all across the area. but our temperatures are kind of steady. we are not quite to get out of the 40's this afternoon cure our high around midnight at 52. one of clear skies, of the heat during the day is not much to start with today. will keep affecting the atmosphere. many will wake up with temperatures around or below the freezing mark. get ready for that. the lingering rain still out there. increasing cloudiness, tortures in the middle to upper 40's during for tonight, looking for mostly clear skies. 25 to 35. here is a look of your seven-day forecast. not a bad forecast your lot of sunshine tomorrow.
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we will be lucky to top at 50 degrees. tell mergers will stay below average in our average height is 69. you can tell we will stay that way across the seven-day time span. we will see the stock closed to the coast. gets. >> tomorrow you could -- we will have to see how close to the coast it gets. >> that of course as leon harris's voice. we have a new iphone out to give you of the latest news, weather and traffic as soon as you wake up. you can download the iphone act for free by going to /mobile. >> and let us know what >> 12:20. a man turns a cancer diagnosis into a business opportunity. >> and a way to know they can
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give loved ones an important message no matter what. >> coming up tonight, we have seen a bizarre weather already. superstorm sandy hitt west virginia with the blizzard. major nor'easter. is that a sign of a blustery cold winter? i have some answers for
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>> 7 is on your side with a new parkinsons' disease discovery. researchers say adults reported ever having a head injury and who were exposed to this had increased risk of developing the disease. this study not strong in itself to suggest causes for parkinson's, but experts say some kind of linkage can be made between the three and more testing is needed. >> a cancer diagnosis given an incentive does go an idea for a new business. he says a 46 year-old father of three was diagnosed with a form of melanoma in 2010. and this made him think about the things would like to tell his children into the future.
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there's no simple and efficient way to do it online, so he created 1. >> the message of wisdom, lessons learned in life, and that was the moment. to be able to deliver this message to my kids in the future. >> he beat the cancer and a was tech company is gaining attention. this allows you to create messages and have them delivered at some point in the future. that is very cool. >> still ahead, jacqui jeras is back with
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>> there's a special party in the works. cress this to celebrate vincent gray's birthday. this is one of the big ones. number 70. at least it was on a number eight. but it is being celebrated tonight at president's club. >> the event also acting as a fund raiser. >> happy birthday mr. mayor. >> hello there, jacqui jeras. >> gets a little sunshine for the birthday celebration and pure and unfortunately i cannot help you with temperatures. surely there. in the 40's and overnight will drop down to about the freezing mark across much of the metro area. at least he will look good. >> thank you so [ female announcer
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